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"Because of love man becomes better"

Collection Highlights and new accruals

The Stiftung Christliche Kunst Wittenberg owns a high-calibre collection of original graphic works on religious and existential themes by internationally renowned artists from the 20th century to the present day. They include the likes of Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Käthe Kollwitz, Max Pechstein, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Oskar Kokoschka, Otto Dix, George Grosz, Joseph Beuys, Robert Rauschenberg, Georg Baselitz, Werner Tübke, Wolfgang Mattheuer, Keith Haring and Damien Hirst, but also Michael Morgner, Michael Triegel, Edgar Knobloch, Katerina Belkina and Thomas A. Straub.

The artists represented in the foundation deal with the existential questions of life, love and death; they draw power and hope from the stories of the Bible. The individual works are characterised by all manner of personal confessions of faith.

The exhibited works offer highly expressive descriptions of human values, and thus symbolise a humanism that transcends nations, cultures and religions.



"Very inspiring + mediative - Dankeschön" S.H.

"This is a very beautiful display (and well explained)." J.G./USA

"An inspriring exhibition" visitor from Norway



Opening hours

April–October:         Monday–Saturday   10am–5pm

                               Sunday                  12am-5pm

November – March: Monday–Saturday 10am–4pm 

                               Sunday                12am-4pm  

Admission prices:   Adults 5 €/reduced 4 €                           

                            Children (under 10 years) free                           

                            Groups from 10 pers. 5 €/p.p.

Location: Castle Wittenberg (Access via visitor center), Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Photo: Christian Rohlfs (1849-1938): Return of the prodigal son. 1916, Woodcut (Detail). Design: Topanka + Freihube Grafikdesign GbR, Lutherstadt Wittenberg

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Address & Opening Hours

Location of the exhibition
Schlossplatz 1 (castle)
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Phone: +49 (0)3491/40 11 46
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Opening hours


Monday–Saturday 10am–5pm

Sunday                12 am-5pm

November – March:

Monday–Saturday 10am–4pm

Sunday                 12am-4pm  

Admission prices

Adults 5,00 €
Reduced 4,00 €
Children (under 10 years) free
Groups from 10 pers. 4,00 €/p.p.

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